Where We Stand

Today, we see dance in so many elements of our culture – and a lot of them are great!  Fun dancing in commercials, movies and documentaries about dance and dancers, and TV shows are more common than I can ever remember.

We’re often asked our opinion about one specific TV show – and some families considering dance ask us if our competitive program or studio is anything like the atmosphere portrayed in this “reality” series.

It is not.

We believe this particular show portrays dance studios, dance instructors, and parents of dancers in a bad light.  It creates drama for the sake of ratings and claims it is “real.”

We believe it is exploiting children.

We know this representation of dance could drive families away – maybe families have considered dance but thought it was like what’s portrayed on television, and decided to find a different activity.  What if a child that could have had an incredible dance experience never gets the chance because their parents (rightly) didn’t want to subject their child to what they’ve seen on TV?

This show intentionally portrays our profession that we know, love, and hold in very high regard in a negative light – and it manipulates families and children to do it.

We do not support this show in any way.  We don’t watch it, we encourage parents and students not to watch it, and as a studio, we will not attend any competition or convention where the show will be filming, or that is designed to promote the show.

At The Pointe, we believe so strongly in the positive power of dance to educate students beyond dance technique, to empower confident and kind young people, and to enrich our community that even though this is “just a TV show” we take it very seriously.

We are committed to letting kids be kids for as long as possible – keeping our curriculum, costuming, music, and movement age-appropriate.  No matter what is popular, common, or trendy – we will always put the dancer before the dance.

We are PROUD to be a More Than Just Great Dancing affiliated school which certifies our commitment to teacher training, a strong curriculum, community service and support, and strong role models for our children.

We are PROUD to be a YPAD-Certified Studio – which means that all of the dance professionals working with children are background checked, trained in educating the whole child, and making sure that dance at The Pointe is, above all else, a safe, healthy, and positive experience.

Growing up, dancing was a positive force in the lives of our teaching staff – and we are so thankful to get to pass on that positive experience and passion for dance to our students.