Summer Break

We’re on a two-week break from classes in between our summer and fall sessions – and I know some dancers wonder why we take a break and what happens here over the break.

Do the dance teachers just stay home and get caught up on Netflix?

Does the studio stay empty the whole time?

Does Vanessa just go home and play with her cat non-stop for two whole weeks?

Although Netflix and playing with my cat sounds awesome (and the teachers do get a little more family time on a studio break) – there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here.










(sometimes Sadie does come to visit while I’m working, though!)

Check out this list of what’s happening at PSD over our two-week break:

  • Deep clean!  The studio gets a LOT of wear and tear during classes – we’re going through and making sure everything gets tidied up and ready for fall.
  • Competition choreography!  Our Company dancers don’t get much of a break – we schedule in solo and duet rehearsals, an extra day of Company classes so the dancers can actually take Labor Day weekend off, cut music for competitive performances, and select and order all competition costumes so things get here in time for our first performances!
  • Back-to-Dance Sale – we have a HUGE sale once a year with the biggest discounts on dance clothing and shoes.  We had the sale last weekend (if you missed it, be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at PSD!).  Now, we need to re-order all of the sizes and styles we are almost out of to get ready for a busy dance shop during the first week of classes.
  • New this year – OPEN HOUSE!  We’ve never had an event like this before, so thought we’d give it a try.  Saturday, August 27, bring your friends to show off your studio!  PSD will be open for studio tours, a dance wear sale, and in-person registration from 10 am  – 1 pm.  If you have friends who might want to dance, this is the best way to show them your studio!

While students and parents have some time to get into their school-year routine, we’re getting the studio all set up for our season.

We can’t wait to get classes started back up on Tuesday, September 6!  See you all then 🙂